Landlords, Investors, and Real Estate Contractors – Made the AG’s 2014 Top 10 Consumer Complaints.

Interesting article about a report on consumer´s problems.
Consumers need to look for qualified contractors who can guarantee reliability and commitment. Specifically as regards the translation industry, a University degree and Professional Association membership are a must-look-for in order to be sure that the consumer is hiring a trustworthy translator. Signing a contract with the translator is desirable too.

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Today the Michigan Attorney General’s office issued a press release – «Top Ten Consumer Complaints» – check it out here

The State of Michigan Attorney General office’s consumer protection division provides consumers a forum to issue complaints against businesses that may have engaged in deceptive and unfair business practices against consumers.

The AG’s office made a list of the top ten most complained about industries in 2014 by consumers –  the list was made by «analyzing the more than 10,500 written complaints filed with the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection team in 2014.» On that list were:

  • Landlords,
  • Property Owners, and
  • Contractors.

Some of these consumer complaints very well may be against businesses that are actually committing «unfair» practices. However, complaints are also made against businesses for a variety of other reasons – in my practice I have seen a «breakdown in communication» as the biggest cause of such…

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