#NiUnaMenos #NotOneLess Protest against Gender Violence in Argentina


Today, five years after the first demonstration in Argentina, we unite our voices once again to claim for the end of gender violence. #NiUnaMenos #NotOneLess

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Today Argentina is holding a demonstration in front of the National Congress to protest against Gender Violence. Inspired by the motto #NiUnaMenos (#NotOneLess), several thousands of people are expected to gather simultaneously in the City of Buenos Aires and in most of the cities in the country.

#NiUnaMenos means Not Even One Less Woman lost as a Victim of Gender Violence, and has been shortened in the social media to #NotOneLess.

As per the World Health Organization (http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/77421/1/WHO_RHR_12.38_eng.pdf):

Violence against women comprises a wide range of acts – from
verbal harassment and other forms of emotional abuse, to daily
physical or sexual abuse. At the far end of the spectrum is femicide:
the murder of a woman.

Argentina is very active in building awareness about Women´s Rights, Argentine statutes do guarantee protection of the victims and punishment for the criminals, but the institutions in charge of implementing the…

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