Business Law Update: You have Terms and Conditions, but are they CONSPICUOUS?

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Business Owners – ask yourself:

When selling or buying, what are in my company’s Terms and Conditions?

You can check out some of my prior posts on Terms and Conditions. “TnCs” are important to review closely. TnCs “allocate risk” among the two parties to the contract. In some instances, even if one party never reads the TnCs.

Recent Case…

On November 29th, a Court of Appeals case was issued stemming from a product sold by a business to a customer. The case: John French Jr. v Ben’s Super Center

This case involved «the sale of a defective outdoor wood furnace»


«On May 21, 2011, after meeting with defendant’s salesman, Todd Kaatz, and having a fairly lengthy discussion with him regarding purchasing an outdoor wood furnace for his home, plaintiff purchased an outdoor wood furnace, («Optimizer 250″) from Ben’s Supercenter for $12,000.00.» Id. at pg 1.

Defendant delivered…

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