Translation: The Biggest Challenge for Regulators That No One’s Talking About

Regulators have long been concerned with the safety, efficacy and quality of the products they regulate. Now they have a new concern to think about: language. South Korea’s healthcare products regulator is learning that lesson this week after being called out by The Korea Times for failing to keep its English-language website up to date. But as a review by Regulatory Focus shows, it’s hardly the only regulator struggling to translate its documents in a timely manner.

Website Problems

In a report, the paper discovered that the English-language website of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) still featured its former minister nearly a month after Kim Seung-hee took over as minister. MFDS has since partially corrected the issue, placing a photograph of Seung-hee, the agency’s first female minister, on its «Minister’s Message» page. Other parts of the website, including the minister’s biography, still mention the former minister, Chung Seung. – See more at:   The Biggest Challenge for Regulators That No One’s Talking About: Translation | RAPS.